Plan A

March 19, 2020

Hello all you lovely followers. Unfortunately you won’t be following me very far, figuratively or not, any time too soon. It will be no surprise to hear that Plan A is off the menu. Europe is “off-Piste” for cyclists. Although I don’t think cycling was ever allowed “on-piste”; maybe in the summer?

Plan B

Up until last week there was a Plan B. However things have progressed (perhaps “progressed” is not the right word), lets say moved rapidly downhill; Plan B Also out of the Corona Window then.

The theory was to get a train to Penzance, (on the Plan A departure date 21st April) then cycle Lands‘ End * to John O’ Groats. Distance usually cycled is circa 874 miles (Sounds a bit too precise to me). My intention was to only use cycle paths (mostly on Sustrans National Cycle Network) making the journey more than 1000 miles. I thought this would be a good practice run, warm up shall I say for Plan A, which I hope can be resurrected next year; who knows if even that will be possible? Let’s hope so, not least of all because you were so eager to see me struggling up the Pyrenees mountains and beyond. Actually I think your expectations of me being able to do this are on the high side, but nevertheless less I didn’t want to let you down.

Plan B of course would involve cycling past cafes, B&Bs, campsites and nice restaurants, all of which will now be closed; not much fun then!

I am of course disappointed about this, but with what is happening right now my mission is somewhat trivial and irrelevant. Families are losing loved ones way too prematurely, with job losses and businesses failing on an unprecedented scale. I, in the overall scheme of things, have nothing to complain about.

Plan C.

”Plan C“ I hear you cry, “not another one!“ Well it‘s not so much a plan as me continuing to try and get fitter/less fatter! This will involve much cycling (D.L will probably close… local gym for those who don’t know). I might do an occasional post… to keep you posted. It might include some pics and videos, maybe some watercolours. This might whet your appetite to continue following, or more likely realise rather later than you should, that I’m an idiot. This leads me to tell you that the Spanish Google translation is useless ,which is why it has gone from the “Country flag list” at the head of the Intro page. Spanish Sara, who works for The Business, says that Google translated “Bushy” as…. wait for it…


Perhaps it is accurate after all?

Friends and family know that I have spent at least 6 months planning this ill fated journey, booking many youth hostels, B&Bs, Warm Showers (cycle friendly folk who give a bed to passing tourers, it’s great, look it up), and Boutique Hotels, obviously only for the legs wife Ness was to join me (honest). I also booked 3 flights, 2 ferries, one coach delivering disciples to Harwich. Oh…., and bought two bikes (my tourer and an eBike for Ness of course).

I have a ring back file with the whole journey in map sections. The reason I tell you this, especially for cyclists amongst you, is that I used a fantastic app. Komoot.

It‘s brilliant because it’s targeted at touring cyclists (also mountain bikers and walkers). It uses cycle paths/tracks where possible. If you press the right buttons it also gives you the ups, downs and gradients. You can slide the cursor across the bottom and see on the map where it tracks. I promise you it is great. You can then use your phone to guide your way and at the end record your completed route.

This is one such map, Andermatt near the source of the Rhine in the Swiss Alps. The wiggle on the left is UP, the wiggle on the right is thankfully DOWN! Well, going in my chosen direction it is! You can see on the elevation profile below the climb is about 2000 ft (600 metres).

This is the up… Wow!

So there you are, I’m a virgin ”poster“… not! Come to think about it that’s not entirely true, I did a “guest post” on (Bangkok with Bushy) but I’m not counting that because it wasn’t my Blog.

Much more important however than all this nonsense is that I really really wish you good health through these troubled times and trust you can avoid job loss.

Over and out for now.

Bushy Bush.

* For those worried about the apostrophe… In The Lands’ End Journal it says quote:- “Our namesake, Lands’ End in Cornwall has officially had an apostrophe added to its name. This is a topic very close to our hearts, as the apostrophe in our name is actually in the wrong place and always has been”. “Nan” Smith would have been most upset!

  1. So you won’t crush any frog, won’t you ?
    Fond regards

  2. I guessed you would have to cancel this trip. What a shame after all that planning. I hope you and your lovely family keep well. We are lying low and hoping for the best. Love to you all.xX

    • Hi Sue/Michael, As you say you both need to lay low. I am happy to shop for you, actually I will delegate it to Alex who is on her way back from NZ. I’m not really supposed to got out either.
      Love Bushy and Family

  3. Antoine Sénécaut March 20, 2020 at 6:43 am Reply

    Unfortunately the disease is strongly in France and all sports activities are canceled until further notice.
    The Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix has just been canceled. let’s hope that the confinement is lifted here in April or May.
    Good luck

    • Thank Antoine,It’s all a very worrying. We will do Lille to Paris next year in the last week of the trip. The plus side I hope is that i will have time to get much fitter!

  4. Really sorry that your plans have had to be put on hold as have ours for my hip operation and three months abroad in our caravan later in the year, but as you say compared to others’ problems it is all unimportant. Keep well and hopefully next year….

  5. Bloody hard luck Bushy. Having watched you plan this almost from day one. Your enthusiasm has been infectious and I was looking to sharing that much to small one man tent with you.

    • Hi Tony, As said its not important compared to everything else. We will both be more ready when it is “on”!

  6. Its a shame Bushy, but sadly no surprise. I was looking forward to marketing your cards as by ” The famous cross -european cyclist, Bushy Bush” will delay that one till next year!
    Love to you ,Ness, & the girls, virtual hugs xxxx

    • Thanks Cill, never mind, as said fitter next year. Today been test loading the bike and think it might be 40+kilos all up. So I need to be much stronger anyway!

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